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Responsive Website Design – Stop Losing Valuable Sales Now!

Leading search engine information provider Search Engine Land cited a report by The Search Agency that 57% of all searches were performed on smartphones or tablet PCs. Google reportedly has more than 90% of all mobile search traffic, leading to a Mobile-First initiative – essentially meaning if you have a mobile responsive site, your business is likely indexed correctly and your business will not affected. If you do not have a mobile responsive website, your rankings will be affected. Mobile traffic for some industries is greater than 90% of all traffic; while others are less than 30%.

Why should you care about all this?

The search industry as a whole expects the number of searches on mobile devices to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Did you know that, unless your website was designed specifically for laptops, smartphones, and tablet PCs, it may not be function nor rank properly, very likely costing you valuable sales right now and for years into the future?

The Simple Solution: Responsive Design

At a high level, responsive design is simple to understand. Basically, it involves designing your website, or modifying its existing code, so that it displays properly and works easily for users on laptops, smartphones, and tablet PCs.

If you’re a business owner and users have a smooth, enjoyable experience when they visit your website, what this means to you is that they stay on site longer, making it much more likely they purchase your products or services.

If your website doesn’t have a responsive web design, you’re costing yourself business. Contact i5 Web Works online with the form on the left, the contact us form or call 855-367-4599 to learn more about responsive web design.

Examples of Responsive Design Techniques that Help Increase Your Sales

So, you’re probably wondering, “What exactly needs to be done to my website to make it more useful for tablet PC and smartphone users?” Does your website have the following:

A Fast Load Time

A Fast Load Time

Users want a site that loads in less than a second. Google gives better search rankings to websites that load quickly. From a mobile perspective, remember mobile internet doesn’t download nearly as fast as the wired connection to your home. Therefore, it’s important to keep everything to a minimum, ensuring the fastest load time possible.

Big Buttons

Big Buttons

You know how mobile searchers use their fingers to browse your website? You have to accommodate them by having big buttons for navigation. Otherwise, they’ll click the wrong button or 2 buttons, get frustrated and leave.

Minimal Scrolling

Minimal Scrolling

Scrolling around is a hassle for mobile users. The shorter you can make your pages, the better.

Make It Easy To Take Your Desired Action

Make It Easy To Take Your Desired Action

Mobile users will take extra actions if you make it easy for them. The fewer clicks you need to make them take your desired action, however, the better.

The more effectively you implement these techniques at your website, the higher your sales will stay as mobile browsing increases.

Eventually, every website will need a responsive design – why not implement yours now?

The skilled professionals at i5 Web Works can help you create an engaging, functional responsive design that helps your business maximize its sales.

5 Web Works online with the form on the left, the contact us form or call 855-367-4599 to learn more about responsive web design.

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