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AdWords/Pay Per Click – Digital Marketing, Internet Advertising

AdWords/PPC Digital Advertising

Nothing in the history of marketing has enabled a new or small business to have equal footing with big businesses as does Pay Per Click. A large business may have decades of brand building and numerous marketing, sales programs to promote their products. New businesses or businesses who want to grow can immediately achieve first page position for relevant search terms on Google, Bing, You Tube and many diverse platforms.

Digital Advertising is Ideal if you want to:

If your budget can afford it — and maybe you don’t have a choice to be competitive,– and you’re looking for immediate traffic to your website, then pay-per-click marketing is one way to help build your company’s immediate web presence.

PPC Case Study

Target consumers, specifically looking for what you have to offer

Generate leads more cost-effectively than offline advertising methods (e.g. local print directories)

Only pay when consumers click on your ad and visit your website

As a Reach Local and AdWorks partner, you get: An extensive search network reaching over 98% of the places consumers search

Optimization that drives more phone calls and emails from your ad

Robust reporting that shows all calls and emails, and even lets you listen to your calls

Yes, it costs money!

Every business should put aside a percentage of sales for marketing.

If you want to increase sales, increase the value of your brand, or test a new market, Internet Marketing via either Google AdWords or an interactive Platform such as Reach Local, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising will provide value for your business.

A particular value is how well PPC lends itself to Local Internet Marketing. Advertising in a local newspaper, magazine or with a customize directory delivers your message to many, many readers, viewers who have absolutely no interest in your products or services.

AdWords PPC allows you to advertise with a given geographical area, such as:

  • A city
  • Multiple defined cities
  • A Metroplex
  • Multiple Metroplexes
  • A State
  • A country
  • Or, a defined radius, in terms of mile: 10, 15, 20, etc.

If your customers come from a defined area around your business – a local business – PPC allow you to target that area, define the keywords that define your products and services. Thus, those Internet searchers within a defined area, maybe a 10 mile radius from your business address, who are using Google, Bing or other search properties to find products or services will see your advertisement.

These searchers do not know the name of your business, but they know they want a widget or a service and they want it from a business down the street.


A podiatrist in Southlake, Texas want to grow their practice by adding new patients. They know that most of their current client come from a ten mile radius from their address. I5 Web Works has done the research to know that searchers are using terms such as: foot pain, ankle pain, foot injuries, etc. These searchers are seeking relief, but do not know your ABC Podiatric service is just blocks away.

Your PPC advertisement, which only appears for related terms within the 10 area, is seen by those who need your business – a warm lead. You are not advertising to the masses, but those with a specific need with your defined marketing area. And! You only pay for this advertisement if the searcher actually selects your ad to visit your website.

Do you want very targeted advertising?

Do you want only those who need your products or services to see your advertising?

Do you want an advertising tool that allows you to measure its effectiveness?

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