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Michael Burns


Michael Burns


Michael holds a business degree from the University of Arizona.


Michael Burns is a Certified Internet Consultant, a Professional SEO, and has successfully led international sales and marketing organizations for over thirty years.

He directed teams at AT&T, MCI, and IBM prior to forming his own international consulting firm–Creekway Consulting–in 1997. Creekway specialized in marketing, sales, and web services programs in the telecommunications industry.

His last international consulting assignment with Creekway became a permanent position as the Director of Data Services and Corporate Sales for EuroTel Praha, in Prague, Czech Republic, for three years. In addition to his sales and marketing roles at EuroTel, he led the design, development and implementation of WAP/WEB services and the development and implementation of Eurtotel’s “Juice” portal gateway for innovative wireless products and services.

i5 web works

Michael returned to the States in mid-2001 and co-founded i5 web works with Carita Weaver. i5 is an Internet Marketing Company, providing:

i5 web works collaborates with a number of Internet services companies that provide professional website and application development for a wide variety of industries. These custom development entities are a global network of web development centers and production houses, pulling together the best in the Internet industry for your benefit. i5 web works was chosen as the Small Business of the Year 2005 and 2010 and Michael was chosen as Director of the Year 2006, by the Southlake Chamber of Commerce. i5 was recognized again in 2008 with the 2007 Chairman’s Award and continues to deliver award winning services today.


Michael resides in the Southlake, Texas, where he is an active member of the Grapevine and Southlake Chambers of Commerce and has served on Southlake Chamber Board of Directors. 

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